Born in the 80’s

now re-creating the magic that shaped our dreams 

About us

Classic. Pure breed.

Once upon a time, the vibrant games of the Atari ST and early DOS era hits would lay the foundations of a little boy’s imaginary world.

Now he has grown up and it’s time for him to expand and share this universe.

So he founded Dercetech to inherit the soul of these games and take over the spirit of the early 90’s to come up with his own breed of modern classic games.


Thotep meets Blocky… what will you do next?!

Blocky’s Quest

The Curse of Blocky Thotep

Inspired by classic platformers, this retro game needs you to help Blocky the good lion in his quest to defeat a mysterious evil looming in the pyramid;

The Lion pharaoh, Blocky Thotep, was brought back as a mummy from the realm of the zapped* by evil forces.

The brave Lion Blocky will need to save the soul of his possessed ancestor in this first chapter of a trilogy.

* Zapped: this is a game for kids and was developed after a little boy’s beloved plush. Nobody gets killed: One just gets… zapped!


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Cross platform. Free fun for kids!

We love to think our games will remind good memories to veteran players from the 80’s and 90’s.
Don’t these controllers just look like the Egypt themed levels in Lemmings on the AtariST / Amiga?

And we hope to inspire a generation of players that never knew floppies, CRT screens… or even worse (ominous music) :
The world before the Internet!!! 

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Our motto?

Our motto?

Invest & Infest, 

We feed upon corporate environments to fund our game development business.

We strongly invest in our skills to properly infest big companies, train the staff, lead the development and try to bleed them dry. Still, they waste it faster than we can pump it!

Feat: we managed to squeeze Doom / Evil Dead‘s chainsaw, a STALKER gasmask, mobile games and radioactivity in a logo. #LoveOurRoots.

dystopia – corporations – chaotic good

With roots so deep in the eighties we just couldn’t leave this untapped! The world is going south and like true cyberpunk anti-heroes we game the system of major corporations. We listen to the Crusader: No Regret soundtrack in the car and make Cybernoid paper crafts.

We thrive in Dilbertian chaos and certainly know how to dance the #EvilDancewhile our country’s orphans get a percentage of our profits.


On the back burner…



Played the classic Rick Dangerous series? Flashback? Commander Keen? Terror from the Deep? Enjoy pixelized games with choppy animations?

Then you might love our next hit!
See more on our #AlphaBoreal twitter!

Adding a refreshing twist of B-movies from the 80’s, we’re brewing a classic that’s meant to bring an evil grin to the geek community.
And this little bundle of joy is carefully infused with comedic violence that’s suitable for toddlers!

First we kick-start the #BlockysQuest trilogy, then pinky promise,
we put this Astronaut back on track to get you kick some galactic ass in no time.

#PolliticallyCorrect #DopefishLives


Oh, by the WAY

Irabel will return to Arbora!

Back to the studio’s advent with Dercetech’s Original Character: Irabel!

When Isabel of Gothenburg* was exposed to a mysterious glowing mineral down the radiated mines,
her resulting mutation was stopped in time by Dr. Hexane, head scientist of Father Erras.

She manages to escape the lab before being turned into a semi-sentient Prime Daughter.
Retaining her will, she uses newly acquired capacities
to take down the silent evil thriving in the underearth complex…

Augmented, upgraded, radiated, Isabel becomes… Irabel!

*we now prefer Agressive Dark Synth, but the metal heritage remains. I’a Hydra! 

#LaraCroft nerds will hate!
See more on our @ArboreaMeltdown twitter!

this is !(#NSFW)


We believe that a vivid imagination
is key to sustainable happiness.

The studio’s mission is to hand-craft rich games
that will add our spark to the imagination and folklore of our players.


Derceto is a water goddess, counterpart to Dagon. HP Lovecraft inspired many titles, including Terror from the Deep and Alone in the Dark, hence the portemanteau Derceto Technologies as a tribute to these eternal beacons.



Did you say “Fire in the hole“?
No. I said: “A fire in the soul!”

Video game creation embodies our ideal of the polymath: Logic, graphics design, story telling, music making, resourcefulness, …

More than a job, it’s the discipline our kids need for a happy future in the era of Digital Darwinism.

– Did you say “Fire in the hole”?
– No. I said: “A fire in the soul!”

Video game creation embodies our ideal of the polymath: Logic, graphics design, story telling, music making, resourcefulness, …

More than a job, it’s the discipline we belive our kids need to learn for a happy future in the era of Digital Darwinism.

yet another #retrogaming studio?

4th gen, baby!

The late 80’s and early 90’s have set in motion the decades to come thanks to the great minds and prolific artists who defined the spirit and transformations brought by that era, better known as the 4th generation of video games.

This company was founded to embody the values and ideals of that golden age.

Pixel art: the style that’s both cost effective and emblematic. The real nature of the 4th gen goes beyond the pixel. It’s the ingeniosity, the absence of consensus when it comes to gameplay, look & feel or even user experience. It’s the pivot point between the dark ages and modern gaming. And we so want further that great tradition.


RebootED solo,
RebootED surely!

Dercetech restarted its game business at the dawn of 2020 after a few years of full-time – soul consuming – freelancing & corporate consulting.

We’re now back in business with a brand new, Phaser-based, jemReactor engine… so stay tuned ’cause Dercetech means M68000-grade business!

Earlier work

2010: Mine explorer

Secrets of arbora

daughters of erras

Explore the radiated mines of Arborea and face the many anomalies born out of the cursed minerals. Soon, your journey down the mine will reveal the twisted experiments led by Father Erras on the exposed locals. 

In a vibrant setup that reminds Rick Dangerous 2‘s strange Forests of Vegetablia, the game adds a puzzling cross breed of HP Lovecraft mythos and mechanized sentient beings as we’ve once met in Thief 2: The Metal Age.

“… and I shall inherit the Earth.”

– an random femclock Daughter

Game over..?

Heck no. It’s level up, baby!

So we’re done rebooting the studio.
We’ve got some cute pixelated titles cooking along with the books.

Now there’s some room on the back burner again.
Expect our incendiary redhead Irabel to be back,
she’s better, hotter and badder than ever!

#StrongIsSexy #ObjectifierPig #ChernobylOnTheRocks

Before you go…

Meet the original cast!

Meet the eponymous Redhead

Meet the eponymous Redhead

Trophy 3D model of the early 2010's

Isabelle was my desk plant, dubbed my personal assistant until she died of dehydration.

I decided to name my first viable 3D character after that that defunct Sempervivum Tectorum to honour its memory.

I can’t believe you’re reading this.

Her being a reckless adventurer, sworn to single-handedly defeat an evil enterprise, has cons…


Isabelle aka "Irrabel"

Isabelle aka "Irrabel"

The (Ir)radiated Redhead

For instance: getting exposed to the ominous minerals… yet it reveals more amusing than it sounds and basically turns you into yet-another-mutant-superwoman-fighting-gender-inequality.

Magic? No. Just a poor storyline. But trust me, it was great ObjC programming. Meh!

Speaking of Magic, “Irabel” (one”r”) is a NPC in the Might & Magic series (7)… Another linchpin!


Nothing beats a good bath!

Nothing beats a good bath!

And you thought Barbie had a weird body

“until she undergoes her glorious transformation”.
… Lt Lou
anyone? The vats? FEV? C’mon!

The original Fallout is another strong influence on Dercetech. Isabelle ends up in a suspension tank, mutates… but retains most of her mind.

Still, she becomes berzerk and guns down the entire endeavour. Like the Silencer meets Itchy, tasty. Sounds familiar?